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Adults 15 and Up
$27.00 + tax

Seniors 60 and Up
$23.00 + tax

Children 14 or under
$19.00 + tax

Tots 1-2 years $13.00
Baby Pirates
(Under 1) FREE!
Sunset cruise prices
are $2.00 more on
each ticket.

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the dude

“One Throw” R.O.
“One Throw” R.O. has been a crewmember since1998.  He is the only pirate that has been on the “Sea Dragon” since the beginning.  Prior to working as a pirate R.O. was a police officer in the Atlanta area.  Nowadays “One Throw’s” main job is to reload our cannon balls but I assure you the time will come when he is called back to duty on the main deck.





“Hurricane Howzer”
“Hurricane Howzer” joined the crew of the “Sea Dragon” in 2003.  When not aboard the “Sea Dragon” “Hurricane Howzer” is a local firefighter.  He is also very involved with lifesaving on our local beaches.  “Howzer” is a really good fisherman and photographer.  He has a beautiful wife and 2 very talented children.


Summer “Breeze”
2014 will be Summer’s 10th year as a crewmember.  She serves primarily as one of our galley wenches but can serve as first mate should the right occasion occur.  Summer is a senior at the University of West Florida.  She is earning a degree in pre-professional biology.  Summer loves to surf, kayak, snorkel and SCUBA dive.  She is our self appointed protector of the oceans.





“Midnight” Amanda
Amanda is a 6-year veteran of the Pirate Cruise.  She hails from Wausau, Wisconsin and is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers, just like the Captain.  Amanda works very hard and is very savvy.  Her friendly attitude and efficient manner make her the perfect galley wench.  Amanda likes laying on the beach and her pug Amos!






“Lighthouse” Lindsey
“Lighthouse” is starting her 4th year on the “Sea Dragon” Pirate Cruise.  She works part time on the deck and in the ticket booth.  She also works in one of our local hospitals.  She just got married







“Cannon Ball” Becca
Becca joined our crew in 2011.  She currently majoring in Marine Biology at one of our local colleges.  Becca loves protecting our earth (just like Summer), photography and taking care of her many cats & kittens.  She just became a certified SCUBA diver.






“Stash” joined our crew in 2011.  For many years before that he was a pirate at the Treasure Ship restaurant across the lagoon.  “Stash” is also a firefighter and paramedic here in Panama City.  He is a really good photographer so let him take your picture while on board.  Make sure to get your camera back from him or he’ll stash it away somewhere.




“Jacknife” also came to work on the Pirate Cruise in 2011.  He is a good ole southern boy who loves the Georgia Bulldogs.  “Jacknife” also likes hunting, fishing and he’s another good photographer.  He is currently taking classes at our local Florida State campus, working toward a degree in Civil Engineering.  “Jacknife” moves slowly except on a computer or cell phone.




It’s so cool to have Jake the pirate working with us.  He is so full of energy and enthusiasm and he is really strong.  When he’s not on the ship Jake attends Florida State University full time and is studying to be a writer.  Jake really likes to surf when the waves are up.





I always say that Coral is from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia but that’s just a joke.  She is a local girl who is studying Elementary Education at a local college while working on the “Sea Dragon”.  She is the newest member of our crew.  We all like her friendly personality and her sense of humor.